Digital Disruption is a specialist education project that develops and distributes the tools and training to improve young people’s digital literacy and fluency. We call this critical digital judgement skills. Digital judgement combines ‘traditional’ critical thinking skills, such as source verification, with ‘new’ knowledge about how the digital world works, such as understanding search engine algorithms and how conspiracy theory filmmaking works.

We also equip educators with the skills and resources they need, yet often lack, to effectively teach digital judgement in the classroom.

Our Mission:

To realise the Internet’s potential to benefit individuals and society – as something that informs, empowers, liberates and enlightens.

The Problem:

As the digital world continues to grow and to play an increasingly central role in how we all learn and form opinions about the world and each other, it is now more important than ever before to be able to tell good information from the bad, truth from lies, and to ably navigate the grey area of opinion in the middle.

This skill – digital judgement – is especially important for young people. They both trust and use the Internet more than any other generation, but are not always savvy, critical consumers of online content. This is no surprise. The older generations, often knowing even less about the Internet, are not in a position to provide the leadership and teaching young people need. Formal education also struggles to fill this void, as teachers lack the training and materials to do so.

Our Solution:

We create and supply the tools and training that young people need to be savvier, more discerning Internet users. We do this through real engagement and co-creation with teachers and young people. Tailored workshop programmes allow young people to discover themselves the techniques and scams that are used to manipulate them online. Through this, Digital Disruption arms young people with the skills they need to engage with the Internet on their own terms. This website is being developed as a one-stop-hub for teaching these critical digital judgement skills across the curriculum.