Conscious Creators

How do you best ensure young people are Savvier users of all things digital? We put young people in the driving seat as the Creators of their own digital campaigns. Through an exciting fast-paced 10 week workshop programme  Producers and filmmakers from Digital Disruptions’ parent company Bold Creative expose how you make a high quality, engaging film of your own.

Young people can create their films about anything they like. Facilitators will run an exploratory first session to determine what they are passionate about communicating in an online space.

Participants will:

  • Develop digital literacy skills through doing
  • Understand production tricks of the trade
  • Learn how to operate a DSLR camera
  • Learn shot types and camera movement types
  • Develop technical skills to cut, order, edit clips on an edit timeline
  • Develop technical skills to enhance, manipulate and add music to edit timeline
  • Implement skills as a director of film
  • Learn all digital marketing options open to a person trying to reach their audience online
  • Create a Pay-per-click online marketing campaign on Facebook or YouTube

Cost varies depending on scope

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