How the Internet Works Masterclass

how the internet works

If you think SEO sounds like a new role you’re boss might be adding to your company’s organisation structure then this may be the class for you. Search Engine Optimisation is one of many learning curves of the web. In this session we’ll impart all of our knowledge about the internet works so you can get a microsite off the ground yourself with minimal cost. You can then use this knowledge to run creative web based projects with your students or you can simply impart the knowledge to them so they know what’s involved and how easy it can be to set-up a website.

For: Anyone who works with young people

Duration: 4 hours

Participants will:

  • Learn Search Engine Optimisation techniques
  • Learn how to register domain names
  • Learn basics of setting up your own website
  • Discover free and low-cost tools and utilities to help build a good website quickly.
  • Learn best practice techniques when running digital projects
  • Learn safeguarding considerations when running projects that connect young people and vulnerable young people

Cost: £950

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