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Marty & Luke

In 2013 Vodafone and Google jointly commissioned Luke and I at Bold Creative to carry out extensive qualitative research with 13-18 year olds, to inform their strategies for helping young people to build resilience against threats in the digital world. This research and prototyping project lasted 18 months and engaged 100's of young people from all over the UK. It resulted in the publication of the Digital Lives report, widely considered to be the most up to date snapshot of young peoples behaviour online.

This knowledge and experience of the challenges and opportunities young people face online solidified our resolve to create free resources and training programs for teachers and youth educators to help this skill up the next generation. It's a kit bag of essential tools for teenage survival in the world wide wilderness.

you are being influenced

How we founded the project?

In 2008 I initiated a project with a group of young Bengali's in Tower Hamlets to digitally disrupt the negative messaging they were receiving online, Digital Disruption was born. Through this project i realised that the films they were watching on a relatively new website called ‘YouTube' were having a huge influence on their behaviour and values. We set about teaching them the techniques of propaganda and how to make their own conspiracy theory films. See the tools pages.

In 2011 Bold Creative received funding from the Nominet Trust to set up a dedicated not-for-profit organisation to focus on teaching digital fluency and digital literacy to young people.

Now in 2015 as well as extending our tools and training services we’re also building a community of committed individuals and organisations to raise awareness and campaign for more time to be spent in school and at home teaching young people the skills they need to be digitally resilient. 




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