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Press releases:

‘New project to transform young people’ s internet skills launches today’ Digital Disruption, 21/02/12

‘Conspiracy theories rife in classroom’ Demos, 30/09/11


Media coverage:

‘In the digital age, why are so many young people confident, but not competent Internet users? And what are the implications?’ Huffington Post blog by Rebecca Ford, 21/02/11

‘Don’t believe the online hype, says Digital Disruption’ article by John Galloway, 21/02/11

‘Truth and lies online’ Demos blog by Jamie Bartlett, 21/02/11

‘Truth, Lies and the Internet’ Jamie Bartlett, 30/09/11

‘Pupils Lack “digital judgement” says report’ BBC News Technology, 30/09/11

‘“Digital judgement” to be on curriculum’ BBC Radio 4, 01/10/11

‘We should teach “web savviness” in schools’ Carl Miller 03/10/11

‘Truth, Lies and the Internet’ Jamie Bartlett, 30/09/11

‘Dangerous Minds’ Jamie Bartlett, 6/10/11

‘Could “digital literacy” deal with internet conspiracy theories?’ Carl Miller & Andy Ryan, 4/10/11

‘Is the Internet rewriting history?’ BBC news technology, 30/09/11

‘Truth and Lies: Conspiracy theories are running rampant thanks to modern technology’ Nick Harding, 12/11/11