Propaganda Filmmaking Masterclass

Don’t know your Gaspar Noé's from your Samira Makhmalbaf’s when it comes to spotting a film style? Well neither do we. But quite frankly that doesn’t matter. What matters is how in four hours we can show you how easy it is to shoot, edit and upload a film to the internet. With this knowledge you will learn how to run creative media projects with the young people you work with or you can simply impart the knowledge to them so they know what’s involved and how easy it can be to create their own film. In addition to this we outline pedagogical approaches to running media projects sharing best practice tips and tricks and avoiding the common pitfalls. 

For: Anyone who works with young people

Duration: 4 hours 

Participants will:

  • Learn Digital Disruption approach to filmmaking including common production processes and peer-to-peer support opportunities
  • Learn how to operate DSLR camera
  • Learn film shoot vocabulary and techniques
  • Discover low-cost and robust film set-ups for students
  • Learn directorial techniques
  • Learn the power of the edit
  • Discover free and low-cost editing software to use with students


Cost: £950

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