Social Networking Masterclass

What we see as one of the most common inhibitors for adults not being able to build young people’s resilience against threats in social networks is a lack of confidence to discus the issues. We find this lack of confidence often stems from educators not knowing enough about the networks, but then with new networks and apps emerging constantly it is a big effort to keep up to date. With this workshop we cram in as much detail as possible about all of the networks young people are using and we look at the dangers and high-risk behaviours associated with them

For: Anyone who works with young people

Duration: 4 hours 

Participants will:

  • Learn about the 10 most popular social networks young people use. Discover their functionality and features
  • Learn about the behaviours associated with these networks
  • Learn techniques to mitigate against high-risk behaviour
  • Learn how to safely harness the opportunities of social media to communicate and engage the young people you work with
  • Take part in our social-media surgery discussing problems they have faced with young people and social networks.


Cost: £950

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