The Vaccination Effect

Did you know 15% of young people trust a website based just because the way it looks. This cheeky little workshop will see participants debate on which piece of content they are presented with is the most truthful. Does the top hit in Google make it more credible? Does a .com domain name make it more credible? Does the fact it's a film make it more credible? All will be revealed. This session will vaccinate participants against being duped on the internet and make them more aware of the common mistakes of misplaced trust in websites, content and media.

For: 12 - 16yr olds

Duration: 2 hours

Participants will:

  • Know not to trust websites and films based on the way it looks
  • Gain up-to-date knowledge on how search engines work
  • Learn how domain names are registered
  • Understand how films are made
  • Understand how easily photos can be manipulated


Cost: £450

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